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Vislogix, a leading full service solutions provider in the interactive digital-out-of-home industry, announces the launch of its enhanced website at  

Featured enhancements include:

– A completely redesigned catalog of Vislogix’s extensive product line, including several new products, including project images, detailed information and
– Optimization for all web and mobile platforms including IOS devices
– Select project case studies to further help our visitors brainstorm ideas and design possibilities involving our assortment of products and custom
fabrication capabilities
– A dedicated section focusing exclusively on rental and custom solutions
– The ability to apply for financing right from the page via our new financing partner Paramount Financial

About Vislogix

Vislogix is an award winning team of interactive technology specialists that provide complete solutions in the interactive and immersive digital out of home space, complete with a personalized touch. Specializing as a single source full service provider, Vislogix  offers a complete range of digital interactive and projection-based solutions, options and configurations, along with ancillary services including design, engineering, custom fabrication, custom content, project management, and worldwide installation services.

Over the past few years Vislogix has established a proven track record of creating dynamic interactive solutions for a wide variety of large and medium sized brands that are spread across all sorts of vertical markets. Vislogix is highly experienced with both standardized and more complex installations in a variety of vertical markets including retail, hospitality, healthcare, events, education, large venue, government, worship, and corporate. For more information please visit


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Vislogix to exhibit again at Infocomm 2012 this June




Infocomm 2012 is right around the corner and has long been one of our preferred annual shows for our company. Over the years we have used this stage to launch some of our most innovative solutions such as the Holo-iTouch and this year will be no different.

Slated for public release at Infocomm this year is our new EZtouch ICS content development suite as well as our new EZtouch Mobile turnkey holographic touch screen solution that replaces Holo-iTouch.

Infocomm 2012 takes place in Las Vegas from June 13-15 and we can be found at Booth #N1754. Let us now if you need a pass and we look forward to showcasing several exciting interactive products including:

– EZtouch ICS
EZtouch Display
Clarity Matrix Video Walls
– Multi-Touch LCD’s

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Vislogix wins Prestigious Excellence Award for the Second Year in a Row

We are pleased to announce that we have won the prestigious Digital Screenmedia Association Award for Excellence for the second year in a row. This year we won the award for Best Healthcare Deployment for our unique Respondr “Play” installation that was done for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital located in sunny South Florida.

Check out a video of the project in action

Selected judges’ comments:

“This is a good interactive kiosk. The use of the acrylic screen that can easily be sanitized was a smart one. The unit attracts children and allows their motion to effect the screen.”

“What a great focal point for what looks to be a wonderful waiting area for the children at the hospital. This can be an anxious time for children and parents and this attractive setting and fun filled activity reduces the stress level I’m sure!  Measuring success by happy faces counts for a lot.”

“1) The deployment has positive social impact 2) The appearance of the deployment is inviting for both adults and children”

“Very good write up; interesting use of digital media to help children get through tough times in the hospital. Looks like visiting children can also “play”, which is useful.”

“Nice attention to detail. Calling out the usability for the intended audience by adding the electrical outlets shows a lot of thought went into this project. Nice work.”

“I have seen these systems before and they are very engaging for the kids. With the correct content, they will accomplish their goals of creating a fun environment. The added bonus is that it is interactive. I also like that they made it large enough for multiple kids to participate at the same time. Content for these systems seems to be a little expensive to create, which may limit how fresh it is. However, with the correct strategy, they will hopefully build an inventory of content to work through.”

“Every Children’s Hospital should have one of these.”

“I want one for my coffee table!  I’ve seen technology like this before, and at the time thought, “Cute, but is there more this could be doing?” Respondr and Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital answered my question in a positive and uplifting way. This experience looks outstanding for the kids being treated at the hospital AND for their siblings who have to wait and wait and wait in the lobby!”

A special thanks goes out to Creative Arts Unlimited along with the team at Memorial West (especially Horacio Randazzo) for making this entire project such a great experience from start to finish.

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Globalshop has always been one of our favorite annual tradeshows and this year was no exception as we showcased a variety of interactive technologies in our booth and debuted for the first time the exciting new Planar Lookthru™ boxes. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming as crowds were in awe and pre-orders have been strong.

So what exactly is Planar Lookthru™?
Planar LookThru™ LCD panels transform glass into transparent interactive digital displays which provide a unique eye grabbing opportunity to engage and interact with customers while the real products can be seen and touched with the added benefit of signage content on the panel.

As a premier Planar distributor we are pleased to offer Planar LookThru™ transparent LCD panels both in kit (do-it-yourself) format as well as customized into specialty finishing housing units.

The greatest attribute for Planar LookThru™ is in it’s patented optically bonded safety glass which not only protects the unit from heavy traffic, but also improves on the contrast thereby allowing for true HD quality imagery and color reproduction. Currently we offer a 32″ unit standard but depending on your project and quantities we have the ability to manufacture from 8″ diagonal all the way up to 80″ diagonal.

With Planar LookThru™ we can also add interactivity as well as custom content creation services. Check out our Planar Lookthru™ page.

Vislogix introduces Planar LookThru™ at Globalshop 2012

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Vislogix wins the 2011 Digital Screenmedia Association Award for Excellence in the Education Category!

Project: Vanderbilt University Library

Brief overview of the project/technology:
When Anode hired vislogix to design a dynamic interactive centerpiece for Vanderbilt’s six-million-dollar renovation of the Jean and Alexander Heard Library, we collectively came up with a very challenging but unique and engaging concept utilizing our Respondr interactive system. The end result was an interactive floor projection display comprised of a series of morphing shapes that are filled with real time student search queries from within the Vanderbilt Library. These searches are first filtered and parsed for inappropriate content and are then dynamically displayed into three different transitioning word shapes as described. Each search term when displayed goes it’s own life cycle which is evidenced by color shifts before being replaced by a new term. All word positioning within each shape is based on a variety of algorithms including character count. Additionally a custom interface was created to allow a variety of customizations such as color schemes and time delays of the various interactive objects. Initially deployed word shapes include a Star, the Vanderbilt “V”, and the Vanderbilt Oakleaf, while new shapes are currently being considered to constantly keep the display fresh and original.

Objectives of the deployment or the technology:
Objectives included creating a custom version of Respondr that was tied into the library’s computer network with a custom designed program that would pull real-time student searches, parse and filter for profanities and inappropriate terms (along with a black list), and finally pull the cleared terms into the system at which point a variety of custom algorithms determined where in each morphing shape a particular word would be positioned. The floor projected display then would react to motion in the center of the library lobby as students, faculty and visitors engage with the word shapes.

Results achieved:
Results in a unique deployment such as this are not measured in terms of ROI as much as they are about the overall student, faculty and visitor experience. Everyone was extremely satisfied with the results and the system has been running error free since October 2010. Currently additional shapes are being considered to further enhance the library’s desire to accentuate holidays, seasons, etc.

Size and geographic location(s) of the deployment:
Single custom installation in Nashville, TN. The application receives several hundred interactions daily.

Selected judges comments:

  • Overall a very unique and interactive device. It’s clear that this is a design feature. Very well done.
  • The challenges of such high end user engagement coupled with approaches to assure that standards of content practice and policies are maintained appear to be thoughtfully met with this advanced application. Vanderbilt is to be applauded!
  • Nice implementation. Good overall design with neat functionality.
  • Wow. Nice out of the box thinking. Clever use of Google words. Developers understood that library card catalog and reference system formed the basis of the Google search magic and its billion dollar market cap.


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It was all touchy-feely at New York’s annual digital signage convention, held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan this week, where the latest in touch screen technology was on display.  The Customer Engagement Technology World trade show treated visitors to demonstrations of cutting-edge, interactive, touch screen kiosks and countertop displays.

Florida-based Vislogix was demonstrating its transparent holographic system, which projects images on a special film that is attached to a standard store window to create a fully interactive display.  When the image is turned off, the film surface becomes fully see-through again. Calling it “thru-glass touch technology,” the company also offered a portable, stand-alone version that is self-contained.

Vilogix’s Oliver Ferrier, who calls himself Vislogix’s “Chief  Xperience Officer,” explains that the technology allows customers to touch the image on the transparent surface and manipulate it just like he would with a mouse on a computer screen.

“Merchants can put whatever content they want on the screen, and customers can then interact with that content, giving you a 24/7 advertising platform,” says Ferrier.  A demonstration of the technology is available on YouTube.

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Digital Dialogue: Q&A with Oliver Ferrier – Interactive Technology and the Power to Engage

Digital Dialogue:  Q&A with Oliver Ferrier

Interactive Technology and  the Power to Engage
It doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in, being able to engage with your audience is crucial. Today more than ever, companies are looking for more ways to interact with their customers. We know that, and you know that, so we found a product that’s designed to interact with an audience.SSM had an opportunity to connect with Oliver Ferrier, chief experience officer of Vislogix, to talk with us about one of their interactive technologies, the Holo-iTouch.

Q: With customer engagement being a top priority in the digital signage industry, how does the interactive Holo-iTouch achieve this?

Holo-iTouch is a very unique product in that it is the world’s first all-in-one mobile transparent interactive touchscreen. What that means is it comes complete with everything you need for plug-and-play operation, and it can easily be used for mobile presentations, tradeshow booths, event enhancement and more. One of the really neat features of the system is that users can dynamically manipulate and interact with any mouse-driven content such as websites, PowerPoint and flash merely by using their finger on a holographic screen.

Q: Can you explain how the interactive technology works?

A: Holo-iTouch uses an embedded transparent touch foil that senses a person’s touch through up to 1-inch thick glass. Our transparent holographic rear projection screen displays the projected content running from the PC. Picture a 50-inch holographic mousepad where the image is displayed and ready to be interacted with.

Q: Do users need a specific projector? If not, what types of projectors work with the technology, and what are the minimum specs?

A: Holo-iTouch ships with a 3000 Lumen DLP projector standard but, depending on the type of environment, it can be upgraded to a 4500 lumen projector as well. Additionally, the Holo-iTouch comes with an additional opaque inlay projection screen that easily can be added to the holographic screen to combat ambient light. This ensures that your presentation will be a success regardless of what lighting challenges you may be facing.

Q: Is the interactive foil proprietary for the Vislogix technology, or can you use any foil? 

A: The interactive foil is not proprietary to Vislogix, but it is manufactured to spec for the Holo-iTouch. IR or optical tracking camera multi-touch bezel options are available for custom orders as well.

Q: How has the technology been deployed in the market, and for what types of use?

A: Holo-iTouch has been used in a variety of applications, ranging from event enhancements, such as the NFL Experience, to countless tradeshow booths around the country, since we offer rental services as well. Most notably, however, it has been used by a variety of companies as a demo/presentation tool due to its dynamic delivery of content, coupled with its ease of transport and setup.

Q: What results or ROI are companies that utilize the technology experiencing?

A: It varies based on usage, but our average tradeshow rental testimonials report an increase in booth traffic upward of 200 percent. When you factor that increase into active participation with the ability to cleverly promote your brand, products or service features, it definitely helps to set yourself apart and leave a lasting, memorable impression on your audience.  In our own experience at events and with specialty projects, the system has always drawn a crowd and generated a significant buzz. People are simply amazed at being able to intuitively touch a piece of glass while commanding and accessing content they are interested in with the use of one or two fingers.

Q: What other areas of use do you see the technology being used for in the future?

A: I believe that we are only in the beginning stages of transforming that old, mundane era of static and tiresome digital signage in the marketplace, which was primarily push/pull oriented with poorly quantifiable metrics. The future lies in captivating and engaging your audience while offering them the ability to forage for the content and information they want, when they want it.   By integrating additional solutions such as our SMS-based content conveyance technology and audience measurement, we can now truly track and communicate directly with your audience from walls, floors, windows and a variety of other custom surfaces. I ultimately envision a world where all of these surfaces will become viable portals for interactive media and communication.

Q: Will the “average” client be able to create content without the help a thirdy party? What formats are compatible?

A: Yes, depending on the product. Our Holo-iTouch and EZ Touch Window, for example, will allow clients to run any website, flash, PowerPoint or other mouse-driven application with effortless ease. Respondr will allow a variety of customizations and imported files as well, but it really depends on how dynamic and specific the end project needs to be.   We further offer full interactive content creation services ranging from holographic content, way finders, interactive games and branded showpieces, to full scale building projection and 3-D mapping.

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